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Samuel from New York

recently bought a Mexican teriyaki pizza!"


Daniel Green


“It has done wonders for our online ecommerce business ! Neatly designed notifications, Awesome features, and most importantly - best value for money"

Trusted by thousands of clients worldwide

Recent User Activity

Recent Activity Popup will show all the recent sign-ups or purchases that have happened on your website. It will help you in building social proof showing that customers are buying from you.

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Bulk Notification

Bulk User Activity

Bulk popup will show the total number of people who have purchased or signed up from you. It helps you in showing you how many people in total have bought from you.

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Live Visitor Count

Live popup will show how many people are watching your website or product at the moment. This helps users in making a better buying decisions since they see others being online on your site.

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Bulk Notification

Review User Activity

With Review Notifications you can display recent Google & Facebook reviews on your website which helps in boosting the buying behavior.

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Influence is the most coolest social proof application out there that's being used by over 6000+ brands

We're growing everyday & adding more features every week...
50+ Integrations

Connect your favorite applications Natively & through Zapier and show real time social proof to your customers.

Unlimited customizations

Show real time notifications to your customers with customization your message, color & 40+ other options of customization.

100% Verified

We show only real time social proof data, so that your customers can trust, whatever they see is real.

Easy to setup

All it takes is a single click pixel pasting to get you to show real time social proof popups. It's ready to work in less than 5 mins

Mobile Friendly

Show real time social proof notifications to your customers in mobile optimized format so they love what they see.

100+ Language Customization

Show your recent social proof to your audience in your local language. We support 100+ languages.

Choose from 50+ apps

Power up with Integrations

Influence works well with all platforms. You name it, and we have it. Shopify, Magento, ClickFunnels, WooCommerce, Wordpress & 50+ apps to choose from
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6000+ Happy Customers All Around the World

Overall, my experience has been wonderful. I had Influence up and running within minutes of purchasing, and the analytics have been very insightful.
Tom Powell
Overall Influence Helped our brand in boosting our CRO rate. Love it!! .They helped us in increasing our conversions by 30%. I really love how simple and easy it was to get more conversions. I never thought getting more conversions could be so simple, so easy
Maria Parker
Overall, a fantastic app and well worth it. The highlight is the support offered. Live chat is very quick and they are very courteous and they have the time and patience to walk you through. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost social proof as it has helped my site quite a bit.
Tejas Chaurasia
Constant updates, wonderful customer support. Started by doing the free trial, but I didn't even have to complete the free trial, I was sold on it pretty quick and became a paying customer, this software has a great future. Give it a try, you have questions or need new features ask them, they are very responsive.
Theresa Mason
Web Developer
I love the easy integration Influence with wordpress. All features is working well.
Social proof can make or break a sale. With the added ability to create these "pop-ins" quickly, you can add yet another angle of social proof to your websites. It's easy to setup, and I'm very pleased with what I'm seeing so far.
Logan Rogers
iGram tool
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