About Us

We are a team of driven individuals who are
on a mission to help online businesses across the world in growing their conversions rates by using the power of real time social proof.


We help businesses in getting more sales, leads and conversions.

Let’s imagine that you go outside on a FRIDAY night and you are planning to go to a new restaurant.

But you can’t really make up your mind on which one to choose for?

You’ll notice that even though you might not plan for it but you’ll always end in the place which has more people in it.

Isn’t it interesting to wonder as to how we make that decision?

It’s simply because as humans we are wired to buy and take action when more when we see other people doing the same.

And this simple effect is known as SOCIAL PROOF.

Similarly, the same way the online behavior of customers can affect the buying decisions of prospective customers as well.

So if you have people who are buying items from your website and other users can see buying engagement on your website.

They’ll be encouraged to buy more from you vs some other brand.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done here at INFLUENCE.

We’ve leveraged the power of social proof in our Influence Notifications which will help you in showing real-time customer activity on your website which other visitors can also see.

We provide you the tools to maximize more sales on your website using social proof.

You’ll end up getting more sales, leads, and conversions for your business.

And right from day 0, this has been our goal.

To help other small, medium and large scale businesses in growing and expanding their revenue.

Yours Truly

Kirti Prakash



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